Sep 01, 2021

One of the beautiful things about a child’s growth is to watch them grow from being small to becoming big adults. During that time of their lives when they are finally going through changes in the body, your help and guidance as a parent is needed so that they don’t go through negative life-changing events. Well, it is the same with children’s dental care. Watching your child erupt their first teeth can be scary and amazing at the same time. You don’t want to be confused about what to do and how to help them go through these important dental milestones. You need to get informed! However, do not worry cause all of that is stated in this article just for you.

Dental milestones are the events and stages that a person experiences concerning their dental health. It is what you can call “a dental journey”. Dental stages or milestones are related to babies as they grow their first teeth up till the permanent teeth. Babies can’t take care of their dental health by themselves, which brings the parents into the picture. The kind of dental care a child gets at their early stage of life makes or damages their future dental health. In other words, the first dental stage is the most important.

As a parent, taking good care of your child’s dental health is mandatory. Children tend to have weird favorite foods that are mostly unhealthy. You can help by teaching them discipline and good dental hygiene practices. You can also book an appointment with the dentist about preventive dentistry for kids. Getting your child to get preventive dental care is one of the important steps you have to take as a parent. This will prevent them from experiencing or suffering from dental problems in the future. During preventive dental care, the dentist can provide routine exams & services for children.

However, do not feel too bothered when your kids don’t show changes in their dental area as fast as other kids. Children grow in different and unique ways. You just have to understand how to help them grow while understanding the speed at which they grow. Visit children’s dentistry around you or a pediatric dentist if your child is experiencing dental difficulties.

What Are The Major Dental Milestones A Child Goes Through?

First Tooth (teething): At 6 months, your baby’s first tooth begins to grow which is usually the bottom anterior teeth and then the top anterior teeth come after. However, some kids experience their first tooth in their third month. This simply means that teeth eruption differs in kids. When the baby’s teeth begin to grow, they experience pain and discomfort. During this time, some parents get scared and confused on how to make their babies feel better with pains caused by teeth eruption. Note that, this is a normal stage and would pass after the baby grows his or her full baby teeth. Although this is not the end of teeth growth.

Losing The Baby Teeth: At this stage, the baby teeth begin to fall out so that the permanent teeth can come out. Usually, the first set of teeth to come out goes out first. However, if your child’s tooth doesn’t fall out by itself or if your child’s tooth falls out, breaks, or cracks due to an accidental event, see a pediatric dentist for space maintainers that preserve the space until the permanent tooth comes out. This is done because space might be occupied by the surrounding teeth thereby causing wrong teeth arrangements or misaligned teeth. Also, during this stage, the child might get scared about losing his or her tooth. At this point, you can help them understand that the old teeth have to leave so that the new and stronger teeth can erupt. Children feel at ease when you can help them through their hurdles.

Permanent Teeth: This stage requires patience and time. For some kids, the permanent teeth might erupt on time and some might experience a delay. Whichever way, what’s important is the fact that the permanent tooth comes out the right way.

Braces: This type of dental procedure is best given at an early stage of life. If your child’s teeth are not in their right position, you can take your child to the dentist for an orthodontic treatment to gradually pull the teeth to proper position over time. Braces are very easy treatments for children because they have delicate bones that can be easily treated. In other words, early treatment is the best.

Eruption Of Wisdom Teeth: This is the last dental milestone. At the age of 16 -21, your child becomes a teenager and might still be experiencing teeth growth but not in the right places. When teeth start to grow at the back of the molar, it can cause pain and discomfort. Also, this can cause overcrowding, which means that there are no more spaces for more teeth to grow thereby making the “unwanted” new teeth force themselves in. If your child is suffering from this, you can talk to the dentist about wisdom teeth removal.

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