Teeth Whitening in La Grange Park, IL 

Teeth whitening at Dr. Fieldhouse & Dr. Peterson’s is an effective, safe, and affordable way to lighten your teeth without having to remove tooth enamel. The procedure helps in lightening the color, removing discolorations, and eliminating unsightly stains.

Why Get Teeth Whitening Done

There can be a number of reasons to get your teeth professionally whitened. For example, just as everyone is born with different hair and skin color, tooth color is often inherited. The color can also be altered due to lifestyle choices. Smokers often have yellowish, nicotine-stained teeth, and coffee drinkers may have stains on their teeth.

Frankly, very few people have very brilliant, naturally white teeth, and teeth become more discolored as we grow older. Teeth may also become discolored due to tea, red wine, and blackcurrant. Tiny cracks in the teeth can absorb stains, and at times, there can also be discolorations under the surface.

Teeth Whitening Procedures at Dr. Fieldhouse & Dr. Peterson’s

Our expert dental team will evaluate your oral cavity to see if you’re an ideal for teeth whitening. Although there are other options, professional bleaching is the most common method to whiten teeth safely and effectively. Modern options include laser whitening or power whitening.

The dentist will protect your gums by fixing a rubber shield or a special gel. He or she will then use a special tray that fits into your mouth to carefully apply the whitening product to your teeth.

Most tooth whitening products use hydrogen or carbamide peroxide, which breaks down and does its job of whitening your teeth. While teeth whitening can take between 3 to 4 weeks, nowadays, modern products can bleach your teeth within as little as one week.

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Laser whitening techniques can help your teeth become five to six shades lighter in tone. Feel free to discuss teeth whitening options, benefits, procedures, and costs with our friendly dental team. We’ll work together to find an option that works best for you.

For further information on teeth whitening, call us, email us or visit Dr. Fieldhouse & Dr. Peterson’s in La Grange Park, IL.

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