Endodontics in La Grange Park, IL

Endodontics is a dental subspecialty that focuses on saving the teeth by diagnosing, treating, and preventing problems in the dental pulp, or the inside of the tooth. Of Greek origin, the word endodontics literally means inside (endo) the tooth (odont).

When irreversible decay and disease plague the dental pulp, the whole tooth is at risk and could be permanently lost without endodontic treatment. Endodontic procedures are aimed at saving the teeth so the original, natural smile can endure.

In order to specialize in endodontics, further advanced training beyond dental school is necessary. This focused education has equipped our team with the knowledge and skills necessary for performing routine root canal therapy up to treating the most complicated and complex issues in the dental pulp.

Our expert team of dentists and endodontists at Dr. Fieldhouse & Dr. Peterson’s, are proud to provide the highest quality endodontic and dental care in the La Grange Park, IL area.

Endodontics Procedures

While the most common endodontic procedure performed here at Dr. Fieldhouse & Dr. Peterson’s is root canal therapy, our talented endodontists are also ready to carry out endodontic surgeries. Endodontic surgery is required when nonsurgical root canal treatment cannot repair and save a diseased tooth, for example, when the patient has suffered from a serious injury or dental trauma.

The right treatment plan and procedures will be specially designed and tailored to your diagnosis and preferences. Our experts will work tirelessly to save your teeth when your oral health is at risk.

More About Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy will be performed on teeth that have succumbed to decay and infection in the dental pulp. This basic procedure is necessary for preventing the infection from spreading to other areas in the mouth, avoiding the development of painful abscesses, and saving the tooth.

When a root canal becomes the only option for an infected tooth, the patient is usually in quite a bit of pain, which can only be alleviated by this routine endodontic procedure.

During the procedure, the infected or diseased dental pulp tissues will be cleaned out, the cavity will be filled, and a crown will be placed to seal the tooth back up.

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