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Although adults can still get them, it is mostly children who get cavities. Younger children often get the most cavities because they lack the coordination to brush their teeth well, and their diets are generally full of sugar-laden foods and drinks.

Our dentists at Dr. Fieldhouse & Dr. Peterson’s in La Grange Park, IL do all they can to make kids as comfortable as possible while they are getting dental fillings.

The Process of Filling Cavities

Most young patients come into our offices when they have toothaches. During an examination of their teeth, our dentists usually find tooth decay and cavities. It’s important to treat cavities by removing the decay so that it no longer spreads and then filling them.

Removing the Decay

To stop the decay from spreading, one of our dentists at Dr. Fieldhouse & Dr. Peterson’s will remove it from the tooth. This process usually means widening and deepening the cavity to make sure to get all the decay. Then, the dentist in La Grange Park, IL will smooth the edges to prevent cutting the tongue and to prepare for a filling.

Picking the Filling Material

The two most popular fillings for cavities are amalgam, which is a combination of metals that look silver when in the tooth, and composite resin. Our dentists mix the resin to prepare it for use, so they can color it to match your natural teeth.

However, other materials can fill cavities too. They include metals like:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Palladium

Metal alloys like cobalt or ceramic too. Most people choose amalgam or composite resin because they are the most cost-effective materials.

Filling the Tooth

After choosing the filling, one of our dentists will set about filling the cavity. Most cavities last several years, but they may need replacements because they can wear down or come loose. An amalgam filling generally lasts about 10 to 15 years, a composite resin filling may last five to seven years, and metal fillings like gold can last 15 to 30 years.

If your child needs fillings for cavities, schedule an appointment with one of the best dentists at Dr. Fieldhouse & Dr. Peterson’s in La Grange Park, IL to have them filled right away.

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