Exams and Cleanings in La Grange Park, IL

Your team at Dr. Fieldhouse & Dr. Peterson’s urges you to visit us at least twice yearly for a routine oral examination and teeth cleaning.

Your Exam and Cleaning Appointment

When you come into our state-of-the-art office for your routine exam and cleaning appointment, you will first be greeted by our friendly team at the front desk who will check you in, update your personal information and insurance if necessary, and help answer any questions you have regarding finances.

You will then be escorted in for the cleaning portion of your appointment and introduced to one of our very talented dental hygienists. He or she will ask you some questions about your oral health and discuss at-home care. The cleaning will entail complete removal of buildup on the surfaces of your teeth—tartar, plaque, and other debris. Your teeth will also be flossed and then polished before x-rays are taken and your dentist performs the oral examination.

The x-ray process is necessary for your dentist to examine your teeth all the way down to their roots in your jawbone. Our high-tech facility ensures the highest level of comfort during this procedure.

When your films are ready, your dentist will share these with you and review any issues that are noted. He or she will then look at the inside of your mouth to make sure everything is healthy. They will be checking for cavities and tooth decay, developing diseases, and any other abnormalities in the teeth, gums, and soft tissues inside the mouth. Your bite and jaw will also be examined.

Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene Practices at Home

We count on you to take good care of your mouth and teeth in between visits to our office. This includes regular brushing and flossing. You should brush your teeth thoroughly for at least two minutes twice a day—you’re in even better shape if you take care to brush after eating as well. Flossing should be carried out once a day, minimum.

Taking care of your teeth at home and visiting us regularly is invaluable to the prevention of many oral health problems that can lead to costly dental procedures in the future.

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